Aims of the EIHA are

  • To support the cultivation, processing and use of industrial Hemp – i.e. Hemp strains that are allowed to be cultivated in accordance with EU law and the raw materials of which are processed industrially – and its products.
  • To collect important information on industrial Hemp and industrial Hemp policy, to publish data about the European Natural Fibres Industry and to establish market figures and trends.
  • To give industrial partners easy access to the European Hemp Industry via the EIHA homepage.
  • To establish a regular exchange of information between its members and to co-operate with other national, European and international organisations and associations.
  • To represent the industry to EU institutions and National Ministries.
  • To support communication between the National Ministries concerning EU-policy.
  • To provide EU institutions, National Ministries, the media and the public with current and reliable information on industrial Hemp, to develop and submit recommendations for changes to present laws, regulations, standards and guidelines on EU and national levels.

Why you should join the EIHA?

  • All questions about Industrial Hemp business are passed on to the relevant EIHA members.
  • As a regular member – be part of specialist email groups on topics as CBD, fibres… and be listed at
  • Instant access to more than 400 presentations, studies and statistical data.
  • You will be part of a network of important international Hemp actors: 170 companies, associations, institutes and individuals are already supporting EIHA!
  • Support the networking, lobbying and publishing of information on industrial Hemp by EIHA!