Mark Cooper


Wellacy Limited

Serial Entrepreneur

With 10 years under his belt as an award-winning management consultant prior to joining the CBD & cannabis revolution, Mark is the co-founder and CEO of Wellacy Limited, soon to be the EU’s largest producer/manufacturer of Branded CBD-infused consumer products. Wellacy also develops and manufactures bespoke products for large retailers.

As co-founder of Edible Sciences, the world’s only 3-D Printing platform which ‘prints’ precision-dosed cannabis and CBD edibles – solving the #1 issue of Mis-Dosing affecting the edibles category. The platform also allows for on-demand dosage customization based on user, or caregiver needs.

Before joining the CBD and Cannabis Revolution, Marks career has afforded him the opportunity to work with leading international brands including; Emirates, Virgin, MTR, Pixar, Hitachi, Marriott and Hilton often at Principle Consultant or Board Level.