Mike Harlington 


Mike is the current Chairman of the CTA, he was placed into this role by the Founders of the Association and current Directors.  As an independent with no active role in the CBD marketplace this independence has ensured that the CTA has grown based on honest, open and clear dialogue with no ties to any producer with the Authorities.

Since its inception in 2016 the CTA is now the largest association of its type in the world, dwarfing many other associations with around 750 Members, 2500 Sellers and several Associates, including Law Firms, Lab Equipment Manufacturers, Merchant Services Providers and Insurance Providers.  All of whom not only give preferential rates to CTA Members, but many also only supply CTA Members, this way they ensure that only legal compliant sellers have access to their services.

The CTA is the ONLY association listed in official UK government documentation and is widely regarded by the FSA, Trading Standards and MHRA as the only industry association and point of contact for any legal issues surrounding CBD. Indeed, the CTA is in active discussion with many governments around Europe and is a registered stakeholder with the EFSA, SANTE and The Horizontal Working Party on Drugs (HDG), as well of course MHRA, FSA, NICE, DoH and Home Office.

Mike finds the current confusion and recent intervention by the FSA as the industries own doing, as he warned that this was likely to happen less than a week before EFSA intervened.  “Far too many Sellers of CBD Products simply make up their own variation of law and opinion without taking into account the actual laws surrounding the sale of these products”. 

The CTA has built an enviable reputation and relationship with the UK government by working with those departments, choosing to work within reasonable rules and regulations instead of trying to challenge at all times.  By doing so the CTA has already influenced many departments and individuals and will continue to do so for the good of the industry.