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My name is Oliver Mammon I have worked in the world of CBD for 5 years and I am currently chief infusionologist at Taylor Mammon.
Taylor mammon is a bespoke white label manufacturing service offering clients the opportunity to include CBD in any product.
We offer services to new brands as well as existing brands whom desire a unique bioavailable cbd product.
We pride ourselves in being able to create anything , as long as it effectively delivers cbd to a chosen receptor. Like our very own Willy Wonker cannabinoid factory.

At Taylor Mammon there are three things we do to ensure our products are effective. We use a good source of starting cbd. Taylor mammon has relationships with farms across North America , Europe and now Israel. We make sure a product is mathematically accurate. Taylor mammon is a stickler for math. And we make sure products have a maximum potential bioavailability. Taylor mammon ensures products are infused correctly with the correct carriers intended to target specific receptors.
I will be discussing all of these points in detail.

Further more. I will use this opportunity I have with you to discuss the power of knowledge and education when selling cbd. What you can and can say. What you can and can’t sell and what you can and can’t suggest.

We live in a world where we are governed by emerging regulation. The rules are changing as we are learning. And most of the time the rules are counter intuitive. The MHRA authorisation for this and novel foods applies to that. FSA , NHS everyone has something to say. And everyone has an opinion. And they all contradict.
The power of education when selling cbd is second to none. Many prospective clients will never make a purchase or they will purchase the wrong product. It out job to guid the and direct them, but we cannot diagnose and prescribe. I will also be touch Upon this hurdle. And the best way to discuss CBD.

The more we educate the less we have to debate.

If you will like to have any questions answered at the show. Feel free to email me in advance. And I will prepare answers for discussion.