Hemp and CBD Media (HCM) Interviews Hannah Deacon, mother of Alfie Dingley, to ask what she thinks of the NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) interim guidance for cannabis-based medicinal products – released August 8th, 2019.

A brief summary of the review indicates that more evidence, and randomized controlled trials are needed to fully understand the long term effects and side effects of cannabis based medicines on patients, stating there is simply not enough evidence that it is safe.

When asked for her thoughts on NICE’s findings Hannah said “I think this is absolutely ridiculous! Are we saying that every country in the world with a medical cannabis legislation is wrong? Are we that arrogant? I think that we are pharmaceuticalizing cannabis, and that is wrong. It does not lend itself to a randomized controlled trial process, because of the nature of the plant.”

Hannah moves on to to say “Until the exceptionality of this medicine is accepted, we’re not going to move forward, I don’t think. I think that is extremely sad, I think NICE are outdated” Hannah openly states that she, herself applied to be on the panel. She was told that she could be, but only if sacrificing any media opportunities, or being able to talk about her feelings about cannabis. Hannah points to the hypocrisy of the situation stating “I know there are people on that panel, that have created that guidance, who have openly in the last year, talked to the media about their concerns about cannabis medicine. My feeling is that there is a real question to be asked of these people that actually wrote this guidance, and it’s very very concerning, and I’m very very upset and angry about it, because all it does is block access! Children, and the families I work with, they haven’t got 10, 15, 20 years to wait for randomized controlled trials, and actually what will happen at the end of those trials when a pharmaceutical company makes the medicine – That will still be inferior to the plant!”

Hannah speaks of her greatest concern as a mother and advocate, being the alternative for families who are still going to be fighting the restrictions for access to cannabis medicine from our government saying “Actually my greatest concern is that families who are very vulnerable, with very very sick children will turn to the black market, and use products which are inferior and are not safe.” In comparison, Hannah then raises the issue of Sativex, a scheduled drug that has had trials conducted. NICE’s recommendation for Sativex fell short only based on it’s cost-effectiveness. “Sativex is 50/50 CBD/THC. So they’re saying there’s no evidence that THC is safe, yet they’ve done trials with Sativex. THC doesn’t suddenly change if you put it in a different medicine, it’s THC! It shows the lack of understanding of cannabis from the people that have written this ‘evidence’ and this guidance.”

When Callie Blackwell was asked about the recent NICE interim guidelines her response was: “They are barbaric. Nothing has changed for the majority of people who require Cannabis to live with any quality. I could go through these guidelines and tear them to shreds with primary ‘evidence’ that they would rather call anecdotal – This is heartbreaking.” In this interview with Hemp & CBD Media , Callie discusses her difficult role in providing cannabis oil to those desperately in need.

Callie has an affinity with many of the people she helps having turned to cannabis oil herself as a last resort when her Son Deryn was in a critical condition. The irony of the current situation is that desperately ill people are turning to people like Callie to access ‘medicinal’ cannabis sourced and provided illegally under current legislation.



  1. Market research commissioned by the CMC estimates that the CBD market is currently one of the fastest growing wellbeing product categories in the UK. At the current rate it will be worth almost £1B per annum by 2025, equivalent in size to the current entire UK herbal supplement market.
  2. Hannah Deacon and Callie Blackwell are mothers of children who have benefited from cannabis products which have has a significant and marked improvement in their lives.
  3. The interim NICE guidelines are available here


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Hemp & CBD Expo – back at the National Exhibition Centre on September 14-15th, 2019

The UK’s first Hemp & CBD Trade Show returns to Birmingham, welcoming 8000+ visitors.

Hemp & CBD Media bring you the second edition of their highly successful trade show – ‘The Hemp and CBD Expo’ at the prestigious National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK, Hall 17 on the 14th-15th September 2019.

Following the overwhelming success of their inaugural show in March of this year, the Hemp & CBD Expo opens its doors a second time to 150 exhibitors, two seminar stages and the Hemp & CBD awards ceremony. The event welcomes Cannabis industry influencers and those looking to educate themselves on a booming industry which is experiencing significant growth.

The organisers have ambitiously increased the hall size by 30% welcoming more exhibitors, with some returning favourites and new brands eager to show off their latest releases to market. 8000+ visitors are expected to fill the space over the weekend, with the vast majority being categorised as business to business, (investors, buyers, retail chains, convenience).

Two seminar stages (the hugely popular main stage, and the new ‘Business Pro’ stage – for extended in depth panel discussion) will cater for 50 leading industry speakers/influencers to educate and inform. Notable speakers include that of the outspoken UK celebrity doctor and special guest, Dr. Christian Jessen.

Dr Christian Courtesy of ASK THE DOCTOR magazine, photography by Terry Benson

When asked about CBD products Dr Christian said:

 “CBD seems to be popping up everywhere. As a ‘wellness’ product there are some quite frankly outrageous claims being made. I am aware that the various components of cannabis may have some benefits but more detailed research is needed.”

When asked about the invitation of Dr Christian to the Hemp and CBD Expo, Tommy Prendergast the event manager said “Dr Christian has strong opinions on a range of issues, his views are respected and based on hard evidence. We are convinced that Dr Christian will bring a voice of reason to the proceedings”.

Medical expertise is also represented by Dr. Dani Gordon who is a double board certified medical doctor and one of the world’s leading experts in clinical cannabinoid medicine after treating 2500+ complex care referral patients in Canada. She consults with cannabis companies in the UK and worldwide, sits on advisory boards, helps setup cannabis medicine clinics and trains physicians in cannabis medicine.

Speakers from all over the world will be sharing their collective expertise on all aspects of the cannabis industry; production, brand development, international legal position, research and development, investment opportunities, farming and medical.  Industry trade bodies such as the Cannabis Trade Association UK, CannaPro, European Hemp Industry Association and the British Hemp Association are also represented.

Hemp and CBD Expo are also proud to host special guest Dan Herer the son of Jack Herer who is often referred to as the “Emperor of Hemp” Dan now manages his father’s legacy through the Jack Herer Foundation carrying the family torch in hemp advocacy in the role of an “educator” and “influencer.”


As part of the extensive improvement plans, The Hemp & CBD Expo are hosting the Hemp & CBD Awards evening on the Saturday evening, with top level business to business representation and exhibitors present to find out which companies are leading the way for compliance and high quality products in the industry.

Platinum sponsors of the event Gencanna’s president Steve Bevan said: “The Hemp and CBD Expo is the premium event to attend in the UK. Their high level of efficacy and standards mirror that of Gencanna and we are proud to be the lead sponsor of the event.”


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