Trust Canna -What is it ? –

TrustCanna is a Cannabis Product Certification process that certifies that a product is safe, legal and “as described”.

With the unprecedented growth of the legal Cannabis and CBD sector in Europe and globally, the industry is flooded with non-compliant, poorly manufactured, misleading, unlawful and unsafe products.

Its proposed that TrustCanna products are regulated in line with the risk that is considered proportional to the industry sectors. The regulatory frameworks that are in place to regulate safety of food, cosmetics etc, should continue to perform that function. TrustCanna will simply set a benchmark that all authorised products meet the requirement of those regulations.

As such a simple register of business operators and products, backed up with a self-declaration application and approvals process that will provide the required information to make informed approval decisions on a business and products.


How will it effect you ? –

Registrations will have to be renewed annually. You can ensure your manufacturers comply.

You will know your raw supply is compliant. Products manufactured and tested in competent laboratories. Consistent specifications. Strengthen the industry.

How will it work ? –

Annual registration of all products. Full compliance with the process.

Every individual product you sell or supply must be registered.

All registered products will need to be compliant.